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The Importance of Holistic Healing - Healing Arts Festival- July 11, 2015

May people are questioning the methods and motives behind a lot of our modern medicine. With all the new programs for affordable health care, individuals are still seeking alternatives to western medicine. I believe that holistic healing has a place within our modern world but should not take the place of the great benefits that western medicine has to offer. Rather, I feel balance can be shared with both worlds.

What is Holistic Heali


Holistic Healing is the process in which one uses alternative avenues to relieve any suffering that may express itself mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritual. It addresses the whole person and each of our individual human experiences.

As a holistic healer, I rely on transpersonal based talk therapy, crystal and essential oil therapy, massage, and Reiki (a Tibetan energy healing) to aid my clients in accomplishing their goals to evolve into a healthier way of life. I acquired much of my knowledge, not only academically, but also through my own healing process. I believe in the concept of the Healed Healer. Yes, I have walked to avenue of sickness in many realms but this journey into healing has allowed me to have a deeper understanding and compassion for those that struggle in finding balance.

Many people may be overly cautious when first stepping into the holistic healing world and may become overwhelmed. This is common and it is advisable to have a certain level of critical thinking. A great way to find your personal path in holistic healing is to explore with discernment. I offer my services as a stepping stone in this journey and my website can explain these various avenues that one can take. Another great way to explore this world of holistic healing is at an event such as the Healing Arts Festival this weekend. Scroll down to find the flyer with all the details.

I will be vending my Raven’s Blue Magic Essential Oil Sprays at this event, so please feel free to stop by and ask me any questions you may have about the holistic services I offer.

Heart to Heart – Hand in Hand – Together We Can Heal

Blessings from Heaven on Earth!

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