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What is "Energy Healing"

There are many wellness centers in the Central Valley that do different forms of energy healing.

What is this all about?

Much of the New Age Wellness industry is focused around alternative forms of healing and much of this philosophy is founded in energy vibrations. It takes some of the “science” of quantum physics and applies those theories to different healing practices. Basically to sum up the philosophy it states that all energy is a form of vibration or “frequency” – much like sound or music. It is believed that each object within our reality vibrates at a certain frequency. If the frequency is low then the object is dense. If the frequency is high then the object is close to be “aetherical”. The belief is that one must raise their vibration. The reason behind raising one’s vibration is for a whole other blog.

What does this have to do with physical wellness?

It is believed that our emotions have a direct link to our body-mind consciousness. That means if an emotional wound is not properly healed (which is creating low vibrations) then it will manifest in the body through a dis-ease of the body. Now, even though I practice energy healing on myself and my clients on a daily basis, be advised that I believe that any medical or mental condition should be monitored by a professional doctor or licensed therapist. I would also stress that if anything does not feel "right" or your intution or "gut" is telling your something is "off" with any healing session, you have the right to end the session and WALK AWAY. Critical thinking and discernment do not get checked at the door of any wellness or healing center.

Where does the energy healing come into play?

Many indigenous people have been doing energy healing for ions. Much of it involved “hands-on-healing”, meaning the practitioner of this ancient art is connected to the life force energy or flow of vibration from the source of ALL CREATION. The practitioner then directs that high frequency energy through their hands and onto the surface of the client’s body. It is these healing sessions that allow the client the safe space to have facilitation of self-healing.

The current popular method of energy healing is Reiki. Reiki is an ancient Tibetan form of hands-on-healing that was rediscovered over a 100 years in Japan and has now crossed over into Western Culture. If you would like to know more about Reiki and the various other forms of energy healing, please contact me for a free 30 minute consultation or contact either of my other healing team members for their healing session descriptions and prices

Why do I practice Energy Healing when I have a Science background?

I personally have seen miracle after miracle from these healing sessions. I feel wonderful after any session I receive from a trusted practitioner. Though much of metaphysics is pseudoscience, I also like to live a life by what feels good and promotes my health and well-being. Reiki and other New Age forms of energy healing makes me feel good; my vibrancy of life and youthfulness can attest to this.

Heart to Heart – Hand in Hand – Together We Can Heal

Blessings from Heaven on Earth!

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